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Enhance customer experience

While the most successful hotels know how to nurture customer’ dreams,
the stakes in the futur will have grown even higher as digital convenience and options continue to evolve along with mainstream consumer expectations.

Digital Sales Room

Make decisions faster and close more deals with a sales collaboration tool that lets you communicate with customers and your teams in real time.

Virtual Assistants

Upgrade the traditional experience to make it more advanced and personalized than ever before.

Close deals faster

Accelerate your sales process, send, approve, and sign proposals.

Increase sales

The ability to collect confirmations, even when meeting and event staff are not working, allows a significant increase in meeting revenue.

Manage real-time requests & services. Fast. Easy.

There is an opportunity to create more efficient operations and cut costs while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience.

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Powering sales & event hotel teams

Go quickly from quote to close.


Superfast quoting

Get a quotation easier and faster
Fast and easy professional price quotes and proposals in just minutes.



Supplier Management
Receive the best quotation negociated from our network of partners.


First class service

Customer driven
A service philosophy based on the same  value of the hospitality industry.

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Say 'goodbye' to event stress for good.

Reduces delays and confusion. Minimizes duplication of ressources to save your time and stress.

Sales-engagement platform
The real-time updates
Calendar view & manage room blocks
LiveChat & instant support 24/7
Increase revenue per group
Local sourcing first

What people think of Kotatio

"I love Kotatio! I feel much more organized and I can focus on the essentials and be more available and serene for my clients."

Sandrine Fatoux
Director of Sales & Marketing Hotel, Nice

I tried many solutions before Kotatio, and most of them seemed to be from another era. Kotatio is the easiest to use for stress-free response to customer requests."

Carole Cutier
Director of Sales & Marketing Hotel, Nice

"Kotatio is changing the way we work! I never thought it was possible to organize and manage events so easily, but Kotatio does it every day

Myriam Potier-Faya
Gérante Hôtels Hotelo Charité** & Hotelo Ainay Lyon**

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